Monday, November 2, 2009


ToonDoo - The Cartoon Strip Creator!

Thanks to one of my new google wave contacts for pointing me to ToonDoo. ToonDoo is a very user friendly web based application that allows you to create cartoon strips and even cartoon books. The site is designed to encourage participants to create new strips, share their work, and discuss cartooning. What a great way to get students involved in the writing / digital story telling process. The Toon Creator is full of backgrounds, character, props, and other useful tools to aid in creating your masterpieces. I would say that the site is certainly appropriate and easy enough to use for elementary students but is entirely appropriate for older students as well. What a find :)

ToonDoo is free to use, but also offers a nice package for schools in order to create a ToonDoo Space exclusively for your school. Naturally, this helps in terms of creating a safe space for your students. Rates are reasonable. For example, to create a ToonDoo space for 12 months for 100 students would cost $206. Seems reasonable for a grade level project.


Meera said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for blogging about ToonDoo and ToonDooSpaces!

We're happy to know that you plan to use ToonDoo in the classroom. If you haven't already applied for a free trial ToonDooSpace, you can get one at:

And we'd love to know what you think of ToonDooSpaces features. If you'd like to get in touch with us for more information or for feedback, you can write to me at meerasapra (at) toondoo dot com.

ToonDudette from

Sean Fullerton said...

Thanks for the tip abut the ToonDooSpaces trial. I've been trying to decide how to introduce ToonDoo with my students, and this may be just what I need to address some of my concerns.

I'm glad you're enjoying the ToonDoo tip. Let me know how it goes.

Mrs. Martino said...

Hi Steve,
ToonDoo looks like a fun resource, I see lots of potential to use it with students. - Curious what you have decided?