Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A cause close to my heart

I just wanted to take a moment to share on a personal note. My daughter is 8 years old. Two years ago she was diagnosed with a blood disorder called ITP, a condition where her immune system attacks her platelets, perceiving them as an infection that must be irradicated. As a result, her platelet count gets very low and she must receive treatment (IV gammaglobulin) about every six weeks. Today she is receiving a treatment. I have made it a point to use her treatment days as an opportunity to raise awareness. If you begin to follow me in my social networking circles on Facebook or Twitter you'll note that I seem to post something related to ITP periodically, but especially on her treatment days. You can find out more about ITP by visiting http://www.pdsa.org/ where you can find articles, videos, etc. related to the condition.

She's an awesome kid who is especially determined (perhaps a 'side effect' of her ITP). She's funny, feisty, and a joy when she's not yelling at us :) Thanks for taking a moment to read this. I figure the only way for others to become aware is through sharing.

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