Friday, December 5, 2008

Did You Know?

Recently, I taught a staff college course entitled "Shift Happens: Joining the Conversation: Globalization and Preparing our Students for the 21st Century."

The course was based on the following video. This is the second official version of the "Did You Know" video, which provides some startling facts regarding the changes occurring in the world that we are preparing our students for. I believe you will agree that it is a great conversation starter. I hope that you can take eight minutes to watch the video. After watching the video, please post your comments or visit to participate in the global discussion.


Mary Ehid said...

I saw the original version of this in a graduate class. We had to create a follow up presentation for the class. It's interesting how in just one year how much more data we have. The most interesting thing that stands our for me is that...we are preparing our students for jobs that don't even exist

Brian Heineman said...

I used that clip (the new 2.0)during a presentation I was doing on future jobs. It is very interesting and makes you realize that in many cases content should take a back seat to process. Teaching students to think will never be outdated and is useful no matter what career you find your self in.
Great clip and good luck with the Blog.