Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Moodle Resources

Have you joined the Moodle bandwagon yet? If so, I would like to provide you with some resources that I find valuable. I hope they help you to better utilize Moodle.


Moodle Features Course (you must create a free account on in order to participate). The course provides an overview of all of the resources and activities and how to use them.

Moodle 1.8 User Manual: This comprehensive manual is a wonderful resource! It provides everything you could possibly want to know about creating a course, adding resources, etc. Think of it as the Moodle bible :) This is the newest manual available. We are currently using a newer version of Moodle, but until the manual is updated, this resource remains a valuable resource. Teacher Documentation: This link will take you to a page geared toward teachers using Moodle. It includes links to sub pages that will assist you in using the many features of Moodle.
I will add additional resources as time goes on. I am a big fan of Moodle and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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